As well as the king’s wives, regal concubines together with lived from the courtroom and shaped part of his entourage

As well as the king’s wives, regal concubines together with lived from the courtroom and shaped part of his entourage

(2) Headings for Parthian regal people. Parthian kings was in fact polygamous. One of several non-Parthian lady at king’s legal we find the girl of Demetrius Nikanor (Justinus, ), who was caught after the loss of Antiochus VI (r. 145-142) and you will delivered to the brand new court off Mithridates We (roentgen. 171-). One of several overseas women who safeguarded a high reputation on the fresh court was Musa (Josephus, Ant. Jud. 18.2.4). Augustus (63 BCE-14 Le) sent the brand new Italian girl given that a great ‘gift’ in order to Phraates IV (roentgen. 38-3/2). She is the caretaker of your heir with the throne, Phraates V (roentgen. 2 BCE-dos Ce), and also by e king. An excellent Greek woman (Dio Cass., 62, 63.5; Josephus, Ant. Jud. ; Tac., Ann. ) is called the caretaker off Vologeses We (r. 51- CE).

The fresh spouses regarding Parthian kings is actually stated within the official files, a practice which have become modified on Seleucids (OGIS 219). The personal brands and you may titles can be found in Babylonian data files of your own Parthian several months, as well as in the fresh new Greek files from Avroman during the Kurdistan. New king’s wife exercise the latest label “queen” (Bab. sarratu, Gr. basilisse,), due to the fact title “lady” (Bab. beltu) was applied as the a variety of address. Greek romanian dating service sources to help you regal spouses while the “siblings (of one’s king) throughout the same dad” (Gr. homopatriai adelphai) are known on the Avroman records and this speak about Siace (Minns, no. I: 2-3), this new partner and you can sis off Mithridates II (r. -), that is called close to a couple almost every other spouses, “Aryazate surnamed Automa, daughter of your Higher Queen Tigranes, along with his wife” and you can “Azate his compaternal sis and you may wife” (Minns, zero. II: 3-5). A sibling-wife is also attested to possess Orodes I. The girl name is given inside Babylonian data because Isbubarza (Strassmeier, p. 112; Potts, p. 392). If you are such recommendations suggest an emphasis into siblings’ prominent paternal ancestry it succeed no findings regarding whether they originated in the exact same mom, which means on their identity due to the fact complete siblings. Not simply can we use up all your definitive evidence one Parthians registered incestuous marriages ranging from complete sisters, such reference create as well as perhaps not help us draw people conclusions from the such as for example behavior inside Parthian dynasty.

The fresh royal spouses was in fact chose away from one of several girls people in this new royal members of the family in itself and additionally off Parthian commendable parents

In the most common recognized cases women can be only mentioned since king’s wives. An effective Babylonian text states Ri-[x]-nu, the caretaker out-of Phraates We (roentgen. 176-171), and most likely the new partner out-of Mithridates I. 29; Oelsner, pp. 147-8). Each other spouses of Gotarzes I (roentgen. -), among which is actually entitled Asi’abatum, was known as his “wives and female” (Bab. assati(?)-su beltu; cf. Strassmeier, p. 112; Minns, p. 34), while Pi-ir(?)-ri-tan effective-nan effective-good, this new wife of Phraates III (r. -), are titled their “partner and you can queen” (Bab. assatisu sarratu; cf. Strassmeier, p. 112; Minns, p. 36). Phraates IV got five wives: Olennieire, Cleopatra, Baseirta and Bistheibanaps (Minns, p. 30).

Since mommy of heir on throne she took an eminent position on courtroom whenever she acted since regent to the younger Phraates after the king’s death (Debevoise, p

(3) Situations from the legal. Females members of the newest king’s family members were utilized since pawns from inside the the brand new establishment and confirmation out-of governmental alliances. It was a habit attested especially ranging from Parthia and Armenia , even in the event undoubtedly political matrimony associations together with other principalities of Parthian empire plus taken place. A girl off Phraates IV try married so you’re able to Tigranes regarding Armenia, and Orodes II (roentgen. 58/7-38) verified his alliance into the Armenian queen Artavasdes that have a married relationship between his son Pacorus and you may a sibling of the Armenian queen (Plut., Crass. 33).

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