The latest determine regarding practitioner nationality, feel, and you may sex within the shaping diligent tastes to have dentistsSwami, V

The latest determine regarding practitioner nationality, feel, and you may sex within the shaping diligent tastes to have dentistsSwami, V

Next study of the fresh new psychometric services of Malay Rosenberg Notice-Esteem ScaleSwami, V. 2012. Next study of the fresh psychometric attributes of your Malay Rosenberg Thinking-Esteem Size. in: de Wals, S. and Meszaros, K. (ed.) Handbook to your therapy from care about-regard Hauppauge, Nyc Nova Technology Editors. pp. 371-380

Examining mental health literacy as well as correlates making use of the overclaiming techniqueSwami, V., Papanicolaou, A good. and you may Furnham, An excellent. 2011. Investigating mental health literacy and its correlates by using the overclaiming method. British Journal off Psychology. 102 (3), pp. 662-675.

The fresh dictate out of specialist nationality, sense, and you may intercourse inside framing diligent choices to own dental practitioners

First examination of the latest psychometric qualities of your Psychological Scepticism ScaleSwami, V. and you can Furnham, Good. 2011. Preliminary examination of the new psychometric attributes of your Psychiatric Scepticism Scale. Scandinavian Log of Mindset. 52 (4), pp. 399-403.

Conspiracist ideation in the uk and you can Austria: Proof an excellent monological faith program and connections ranging from individual emotional variations and you may real-business and you will make believe conspiracy theoriesSwami, V., Coles, R., Stieger, S., Pietschnig, J., Furnham, An effective., Rehim, S. and you will Voracek, Yards. 2011. Conspiracist ideation in the uk and you will Austria: Evidence of a monological faith system and associations between private mental distinctions and you can real-community and you can fictitious conspiracy theories. British Record regarding Psychology. 102 (3), pp. 443-463.

An assessment off positive illusions of your own real appeal of romantic partnersBarelds, D.P.H., Dijkstra, P., Koudenburg, N and you may Swami, V. 2011. An assessment out of positive illusions of your actual beauty of romantic couples. twenty-eight (5), pp. 706-719.

Alien therapy: connectivity anywhere between extraterrestrial thinking and you will paranormal ideation, superstitious philosophy, schizotypy, while the Big Five identity factorsSwami, V., Pietschnig, J., Stieger, S. and Voracek, Meters. 2011. Alien psychology: connectivity anywhere between extraterrestrial viewpoints and you may paranormal ideation, superstitious viewpoints, schizotypy, and also the Large Five identity circumstances. Used Cognitive Therapy. twenty-five (4), pp. 647-653.

Points affecting thinking on looking to professional mental help certainly one of South Asian college students from inside the BritainSoorkia, R., Snelgar, Roentgen.S. and you may Swami, V. 2011. Situations affecting perceptions with the trying to top-notch emotional let certainly one of Southern area Far-eastern pupils in britain. Psychological state, Faith & Culture. 14 (6), pp. 613-623.

Noted for life? A potential study of tattoos to your appearance nervousness and you can frustration, thinking regarding uniqueness, and you may notice-esteemSwami, V. 2011. Marked for a lifetime? A possible examination of tattoos into the appearance anxiety and you can dissatisfaction, thinking out-of uniqueness, and you will notice-esteem. Body Visualize. 8 (3), pp. 237-244.

The latest identification regarding psychological state conditions and its association which have psychiatric scepticism, experience in psychiatry, while the Big Four identification situations: a study by using the overclaiming techniqueSwami, V., Persaud, Roentgen. and Furnham, A great. 2011. The latest identification of mental health issues as well as association with psychological scepticism, experience with psychiatry, and also the Huge Five identity items: an investigation utilising the overclaiming method. Social Psychiatry and Psychological Epidemiology. 46 (3), pp. 181-189.

Personality, personal variation, and demographic antecedents out-of home waste government behavioursSwami, V., Chamorro-Premuzic, T., Snelgar, R.S. and you may Furnham, A. 2011. Character, personal distinction, and you will group antecedents away from home spend management behaviors. Journal out of Ecological Therapy. 31 (1), pp. 21-twenty six.

Diary off Social and personal Dating

New Enjoy out of Cosmetic plastic surgery Scale: initial study of the foundation build and you can correlates certainly one of Brazilian adultsSwami, V., Campana, A good.N.Letter.B., Ferreira, L., Barrett, S., Harris, An effective.S. and you may Tavares, Meters.D.C.Grams.C.F. 2011. New Acceptance from Cosmetic surgery Scale: very first study of their basis construction and correlates one of Brazilian people. System Image. 8 (2), pp. 179-185.

System frustration examined from the Photo Contour Get Level is associated having sociocultural, personality, and media influencesSwami, V., Taylor, R. and you will Carvalho, C. 2011. Muscles frustration analyzed by Photo Figure Rating Scale is actually related having sociocultural, personality, and you will news has an effect on. Scandinavian Diary from Therapy. 52 (1), pp. 57-63.

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